Lights off, alarm on, cat out!

Come the end of the usual working day, the last person out is responsible for securing the business to make sure no one comes in until tomorrow.

So, at 1900 or 2000 hrs, do a quick “reccie” of the building, turn the lights off, set the alarm and pop the cat out.  Safe in the knowledge that your business, your premises and your data is safe and sound until your return the following day.

Though there in the corner of your office is the dim flashing lights of your hard drives and the constant whir of the disks spinning on your IT infrastructure.

Metaphorically, do you know whether the doors are locked on these ? Have you a burgular alarm and is it working ? All said and done, data is etherial. Its all 1s and 0s, or ons and offs. Though ! Without it, I am sure the business would cease to function.  Future articles will look at penetration testing and why you should have these done.

However, not sure where I can go with the cat analogy.

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