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About in2secure

We believe all organisations should have access to great Cyber Security advice, ensuring you get the right solution and have confidence in it.
We don’t know you yet – what you do, who you serve, or what systems and processes keep you up and running. One thing we do know, however, is that you rely on those systems and processes.
We all do.

Giving Your Organisation a Secure Foundation

When we talk to people about cyber security, many of them believe they have nothing to worry about, thinking their organisation is too small or their data has too little value to be at risk. The truth, though, is that cybercrime affects businesses and charities of all sizes, with ransomware, malware and viruses, phishing and data breaches all affecting organisations regardless of size.
We can help with that.
Supporting your organisation, we’ll help you understand your risks and advise you of next steps.
As Cyber Advisors, we work with you to fully understand your business and your risks from cyber attack. We’ll assess your systems and processes to give you a clear understanding of what you can do to ensure your IT security. We’ll even provide Cyber Essentials certification if your organisation would benefit from the additional endorsement it provides.

in2secure – Your Trusted Security Partner

There are lots of organisations out there talking about cyber security, why would you choose us?



The National Cyber Security Centre is a government backed organisation with a focus on providing SMEs with effective and accessible cyber security support. We have been assessed and certified to provide Cyber Essentials accreditation and advice.


IASME have partnered with the NCSC to develop Cyber Essentials, the recognised baseline level of cyber security for organisations of all sizes. They are responsible for delivering the scheme and assessing cyber security experts like in2secure.


With over 45 years experience in IT between us – I know, you wouldn’t believe it to look at us – we know a lot about how your systems work.
While Evelyn first started working in system administration in the early 2000’s, she’s since managed setups, backups, training and even website development. This means, not only does Evelyn know systems, she knows people and businesses too.
Phil, however, recognised his love for IT even earlier, achieving a degree in Computer Science before working with a number of companies to set up their secure systems. His work has focused on helping organisations assess their governance and risk, as well as testing system security through the well-loved method of trying to break in.


We want to support you, making sure you have the right solution for your organisation. For Evelyn especially, the highlight of her work is getting to know you and your business better!
Every organisation we work with is different, needing different solutions to deal with different risks. We can only give you the right advice by putting your organisation first, getting to the heart of your systems, processes and people to make recommendations that will keep you secure.

Who are in2secure?


Technical Expert

I’m a technical expert who speaks your language. Although I’ve always enjoyed technology, the best bit is using it to solve your problems.

We all love walking in nature and are conscious of the need to look after our environment; we support The Woodland Trust and RSPB and are looking at ways to improve our carbon emissions and waste.


Information Security Expert

My experience in Information Security is both long and wide, I’ve been doing it for over twenty years and for numerous organisations.

All this work with systems and controls means I can recognise and evaluate risk, then help you understand what controls are necessary. Yes, technical skills are key, but so is making them accessible.


Wellbeing Expert

Jack is responsible for team wellbeing, providing stress reduction exercises and – the all important – breaks from the desk. His most significant contribution to security awareness is an ear attuned to the postman.

Like the rest of the team, Jack is happiest walking in the woods and will remind Evelyn and Phil of this at every possible opportunity.