Cyber Advisors: What Are You and How Will You Help Me?

Cyber Advisor, Cyber Essentials Controls

What is a Cyber Advisor?

Cyber Advisors are the trusted advisors supporting your cyber security; but why would you trust them?

The Cyber Advisor scheme was set up by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), in partnership with IASME, to make sure small and medium-sized organisations have access to reliable, cost effective, cyber security advice and practical support.

These accredited Cyber Advisors have been independently assessed to ensure they have:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the technical controls set out in the government backed Cyber Essentials
  • Competence when providing practical, hands-on support.
  • An understanding of the needs of small and medium-sized organisations and how to work effectively with them.

Additionally, the cyber security company employing the Cyber Advisor must have met the NCSC’s Assured Service Provider standards.

This accreditation makes sure every Cyber Advisor not only knows how to support your business through the Cyber Essentials assessment, but understands the impact of this work on your business – it’s support you can trust.

I’m Evelyn, the Cyber Advisor here at in2secure, and one of the first advisors to gain accreditation back in April 2023. Having been in IT for over twenty years, I now support small organisations like yours with their cyber security concerns. The NCSC Cyber Essentials and Cyber Advisor schemes provide clarity and assurance, while my experience makes the work accessible and achievable.

Why do i need a cyber advisr?

A Cyber Advisor can help you understand and address your cyber security needs which reduces the risks to your business. They can also help you provide reassurance for those who do business with you that their security won’t be compromised.

You may find it useful to talk to a Cyber Advisor if:

  • You don’t have the in-house expertise in cyber security you need.
  • You have limited time or funds to invest in your cyber security.

The NCSC launched the Cyber Advisor scheme recognising that it can be difficult finding the right person to help with your cyber security, now you can have confidence knowing who you can trust.

What do I need to do?

Firstly, you just need to get in touch – you can use the Arrange a Consultation button below.

As your Cyber Advisor I will work with you to identify any gaps in your cyber security as well as giving practical support and guidance on how to resolve them.

I’ll assess your company against the five core Cyber Essentials technical controls which stops the majority of cyber attacks (including ransomware attacks). The next step is to show you how to meet those controls so you can have confidence in your cyber security.

Although the tests are based on the Cyber Essentials scheme, when you work with a Cyber Advisor, you aren’t expected to gain Cyber Essentials Certification. You may, however, want to discuss this as there are additional benefits of following this path which you may not have considered.

We understand that trust is fundamental when you’re considering someone to help with your cyber security; we’re happy to talk to you and give you as much information as you need.